Shipping Opinions Standard Shipping Express Shipping
Processing Time 3-5 Business Days for Standard Size items;
7-30 business days for tailor made items.
International Shipping 15 – 35 Business Days 3-10 Business Days
Check the Shipping Status
Origin country & destination country
Estimated Delivery Date Not provided by the shipping carrier(s) Provided by DHL
Signature Service Not provided by the shipping carrier(s) Provided by DHL
Check the Order Status or
Find the Track Number
Your email, spam folder or Visit Our Track Order page.
Possible Customs Taxes Vary by country; customs fee responsible by customers.
Possible Customs Delay Rare happen to the package with low customs value clarification.
Lost Package
Shipping  Insurance
Vary by country; maximize coverage for Standard Shipping package covered by post office usually are less than $50. are NOT repond for the lost of package. Please consider use Express Shipping method for high value orders.
* There’s the estimated time in the chart above. However, has no control over the delay that may caused by the international shipping carriers, weather or any government customs agency, etc. For request of urgent delivery, please specify when ordering and we might be able to shorten the lead time if condition permits.


What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to virtually all major countries. Most of our come from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, France, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, etc.

What’s The Estimated Delivery Time At
Most them are shipped from the place of origin, China. All orders must be processed before they are shipped. The total waiting time before receive your order will be Product Preparation Time plus the actual Shipping Time. The preparation times are different dependent on the ordering date and the item you order etc. Product preparation time normally take 2-8 days and custom made item could take from 6-30 days.

Check out the Holiday Calendar for possible delay shipment.

Where To Track The Shipping Status?

Customers will not receive the tracking info about the domestic shipping carrier inside China. When the order is on the way with its international shipping carrier, we’ll send an email of the tracking number and website where customer can check the shipping information.

Please visit for Standard Shipping or for Express Shipping orders. If for some reason you didn’t receive the email notice, please visit TRACK ORDER page for order status, or check your spam folder before contact us with emails.

How To Choose The Suitable Shipping Methods?

Shipping carrier does not provide detail shipping date for economic Standard Shipping. The only shipping status can be viewed online from are limited:

  • The carrier receive the package (info usually show up within three days after they pick up the package from us).
  • Package is prepared to shipping.
  • The package has delivered.
  • The package is returned.

As a result, we are not able to provide the actually location, delivery date, or the reason to delay of the products that using Standard Shipping options. If you need to have more accurate shipping infos or need the products for a special event, please choose the Express Shipping.

Also, Standard Shipping Method transfer package from China Post to your local destination country post office (such as USPS for US customer etc.) The Post Office usually only covers up to $50 maximize for the lost standard shipping package (vary in different country). is not responsible for any coverage of the products loss in shipping process. We suggest our customers to choose the Express Shipping option with any orders $100 or more.

Who’s Responsible For Customs And Taxes:
All international shipments being sent from a country to another must clear the customs first. Customs is a government agency. Sometimes they may hold the items and collect taxes, customs duties or other fees. It levied by your destination country, the product you order and/or the value of the products. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Please contact your local customs office for further information.