Lotus floral print cotton linen plus size short green cheongsam

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Material: Green lotus floral print stretchable linen cotton – 65% cotton, 35% linen; up to 5cm expansion rate; hand wash and machine washable; no iron needed.
Feature: mandarin collar; with slit; no lined; cap sleeve; invisible back zipper closure; decorative fabric button at front.

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Material: stretchable linen cotton with black and white paisley floral print (65% cotton, 35% linen); up to 5cm expansion rate; hand wash and machine washable; no iron needed.Features: mandarin collar; asymmetrical placed decorative hand made Chinese fabric buttons underneath the mandarin collar; with short slit on both sides; no lined; short cap sleeve; above the knee short/mini modern qipao; invisible back zipper closure.

Size(cm) Bust Waist Hip Shoulder Length Error Range
S 80 66 84 36 88 1-3cm
M 84 70 88 37 89 1-3cm
L 88 74 92 38 90 1-3cm
XL 92 78 96 39 91 1-3cm
2XL 96 82 100 40 92 1-3cm
3XL 100 86 104 41 93 1-3cm
4XL 104 90 108 42 94 1-3cm
5XL 108 94 112 43 95 1-3cm
* The measurement above is the size of the dress; it is NOT the body measurement.
* The dress is made with highly stretchable mix cotton/line fabric with up to 5cm Expansion Rate.


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