Will a 100% cotton pre-shrunk shirt or 100% cotton pre-shrunk silk still shrink?

  • The pre-shrunk fabric has less shrinkage, however as with all fabrics, they will shrink under certain conditions. Always use cold water. Do not wash in hot water or over dry even with the pre-shrunk fabric clothes.

What’s stretched silk? Is it real silk?

  • Yes, stretched silk is real silk. Usually it contains 95% silk with 5% spandex so the fabric is slightly stretched. It’s different with 100% silk which is not stretched at all. It make the great material to make qipao cheongsam dress or other fit cut clothes.

Why the price of factory brands with designer brands Qipao has such a difference?

  • Unique design.
  • Exclusive print fabric.
  • The clothes pattern design to fit the body.
  • Hand crafted details (hand painting pattern with machine print pattern, hand crafted button with machine made plastic buttons, decorative buttons with functional and decorative buttons etc.)
  • Exclusive trim details (such as a unique designed button with brand logo with a button from the wholesale market)
  • Better materials (95% silk with 45% silk, 100% cotton with 45% cotton, heavy silk with regular silk etc.)
  • Fabric dye process (hand dye with machine dye; chemical dye with natural plate dye etc.)
  • Pre-wasded (pre-shrunk) fabric.

What’s heavy Silk?

What’s wrinkled silk?

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