About ModernQipao.com

ModernQipao.com is one of the websites run by JJ Fashion Co. that located at Fremont, Ca. The U.S.A. We brings you huge variety of traditional Chinese dresses modernized cheongsam qipao with style, class, beauty and elegance.

About Qipao/Cheongsam

Traditional Chinese dresses also knowing as cheongsam, qipao or mandarin collar dresses. It’s famous with its body-hugging fit, high slits and the reserved sexy. Chinese start to wear it since Qing Dynasty. It become very popular within upper class ladies and celebrities before 1940s. especially Shanghai. And come back to the fashion world after Chinese open its market to the world again in 1990s.

What’s special about ModernQipao.com?

  • 7 days Price Match Guarantee.
    We are the first and only cheongsam retail company offer such service. Before making a purchase from Modern Qipao.com, if you see a lower current price in an online store by local competitor, we will be happy to match the competitors’ original price of the identical product. Visit HERE To apply for our online Price Match service with three simple steps.
  • We focus on women apparel ONLY. We are able to reach most cheongsam suppliers and design house in China directly, to find most the cheongsam you could find online, including the products are not listed in our webiste. Even though we don’t list as many traditional Chinese clothing as some other Chinese apparel stores, we have widest range of cheongsam dresses in our online show room, sourced from every conner of China from south to north. The best of all the categories right from traditional cheongsam, modern qipao, Chinese red bridal wedding dresses, contemporary mandarin collar dresses, designer qipao,  readymade to custom made craftsmanship cheongsam, mini sexy qipao, long casual cotton cheongsam and formal silk Chinese dress…Bringing to you a mix of popular and undiscovered variety, we neither compromise on the quality nor the customer experience.
  • 48 hours new product sale.
    We have new product list every week in random days. Most new products offer 48% off sale in the first 48 hours after upload.
  • Hassle-free return in 15 days.
  • Tasteful products are carefully choose by trained designer instead businessman.
  • Our company locate in the U.S.

About JJ Fashion Co.

We are a fashion company locate in northern California in US. The founder of JJ Fashion Co. was planning to start her own fashion line in 2012. The original idea of starting a traditional Chinese clothing online shop was to learn about online marketing and the fashion desire of the international customers. Now it expand to several different websites:

www.ModernQipao.com – Traditional cheongsam dress, modern qipao, Asian inspired fashion apparel for women of all sizes etc.

www.traditionalchineseclothes.com – After being request for Chinese costumes for men and children. We start to building this site. Now it’s still in progress but ready for order. You can find Asian inspired fashion jewelry and folk embroidered fashion handbags for men and women, Asian graphic Tee and silk tie for men, ancient Chinese costumes for kids etc. Also, besides the red cheongsam you can find from ModernQipao.com, there are more wedding related items such as modern red evening gown, unique oriental red wedding favor and more.

To be different from the other cheongsam qipao online retail stores, aside of collecting the traditional items, we carry and still are working on finding more modernize qipao daily. Hopefully to help more Asian cultural lovers to find what they are looking for. Feel free to contact us with further questions. Thank you for visit us!

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